About lee tAx help

These are tough times for everyone.  The economy is threatening our jobs, our homes and our livelihood. Many Americans struggle every day to make ends meet, and many more will sink further into debt with each passing day.

Drowning In Debt?

Poor income, along with large credit card and medical bills, are forcing many to get second jobs to pay the bills. Unfortunately, the additional income we are working so hard for only increases our tax bill and it seems as though we owe more money to the IRS each year. Tax debt is becoming one of the largest sources of debt among Americans today.

The problem with tax debt is that it must be repaid! There aren’t any debt settlements that can solve your tax debts, and tax debts are not dischargeable through a typical bankruptcy. Even worse, severely delinquent tax debt can lead to having your wages garnished, assets liquidated or legal action.

Your Life Raft

Not all hope is lost!  Although tax debts cannot be “settled” or “eliminated”, there are ways that you can repay your debts in a way that suits your budget.  The IRS has provided a few programs that can help you get caught up on your tax payments without worrying about wage garnishment, having your assets liquidated or legal action. But, you must take action right away! The IRS is not a very time friendly agency and failure to inform them about your difficulty making payments can make all the difference in the world.

Our knowledgeable attorneys are here to listen to your troubles and help you find a solution to your tax debts. We have been helping people get out from under their debt burden and get their life back for years.  Fill out our risk-free evaluation form to find out how you can take advantage of these IRS programs to repay your debts and regain control over your financial freedom.