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Dealing With Tax Audits

July 18th

Are you concerned that you may be facing tax audits soon?  Perhaps the IRS has already started auditing you?  If so, you need to hire a tax debt lawyer immediately.  Though it’s possible to go through tax audits without legal counsel, the risk of doing it alone is too great to chance it.

Why Hire a Tax Debt Lawyer?

We’ve created a list of a few reasons why you should hire a tax debt lawyer to help you through your tax audits.  If you have a concern that this list doesn’t address, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

  1. A tax debt lawyer can put the technical legal jargon of tax audits into plain English that you can understand.  One of the biggest reasons that people who don’t hire a lawyer struggle during the process is that it’s sometimes impossibly difficult to understand what exactly the IRS is saying.  A tax debt lawyer can break it down for you.
  2. A tax debt lawyer can advise you on what information you should share, and what you should withhold (unless asked).  A good tax debt lawyer will never advise that you lie to the IRS.  But, you may have some information that the IRS doesn’t have a right to.  Without professional advice, you may accidentally offer up this information voluntarily.
  3. The most obvious reason, of course, is that a tax debt lawyer can represent you in court.  An intelligent, well-connected, and persuasive lawyer can be one of the most valuable assets at this time in your life for this reason alone!

If you are facing tax audits, do yourself a favor, and hire a tax debt lawyer.  The fees are reasonable, especially when you consider the long-term benefit of putting your audit to rest once and for all!


What You Must Know About Tax Liens

July 11th

If you’re trying to settle your back taxes, the IRS might sometimes feel like it’s launching a full-scale attack.  From collection attempts to tax liens, it can be hard to catch a break.  However, when you have information and resources backing you, it doesn’t have to be that way.  As part of our aim to assist and educate you, we’ve created this resource to answer your questions about tax liens.  Between this resource and our expert staff, you shouldn’t have any problems resolving your IRS issues!

Essential Information

What exactly are tax liens?  Put simply, a tax lien is a type of security interest that is put on your personal property because of your failure to pay your taxes.  It isn’t just income back taxes that can get you into this kind of trouble.  Failure to pay gift taxes and estate taxes can also land you with tax liens.

The IRS explains everything you need to know about tax liens on their website.  From how to get rid of one, to how it affects you, it’s all here!  Keep in mind, you may be able to appeal the lien!  You should always investigate this alternative before going along with the IRS.

If you think your tax liens may be eligible for appeal, then contact one of our tax debt lawyers to find out how we can help you through this process.  Even if your tax liens can’t be resolved through this route, we can still get you back on your feet, and eliminate your back taxes.

If you have basic questions regarding a tax lien, you can contact the IRS at this number: (800) 913-6050.


Hire a Tax Debt Lawyer To Handle Back Taxes

July 4th

When dealing with the IRS and back taxes, things can get messy without the help of a professional.  While it may be possible to do it alone, handling a professional tax debt lawyer can streamline the experience, eliminate the hassle, and maximize the payment plan the IRS allows you on your back taxes!

Back Taxes: The “Need to Know”

If you know that you owe back taxes, but the IRS hasn’t found out, it’s a good idea to go ahead and find a tax debt lawyer to help you work things out.  The truth is, the IRS will discover that you owe back taxes sooner or later.  When you take the initiative to set the record straight, it will help you out in the long run.

There are several programs available to you that your tax debt lawyer can clue you in on.  They include: installment plans, the offer-in-compromise program, and check withholding.  Let’s take a brief look at these three methods for getting your back taxes paid and up to date.

With the Offer-in-Compromise program, you are allowed to settle your tax debt by paying less than what you owe.  The forms that you have to fill out to determine the amount can be quite complicated.  It’s completely doable, but prepare yourself for digging through (and reporting) all of the details of your financial situation.

An installment program is an easier way to take care of back taxes.  With an installment program, you work with the IRS to figure out a payment plan that works with your situation.  You may even qualify for reduced interest rates.

Check withholding is by far the most convenient way to settle back taxes.  Your employer simply withholds a certain amount from your paycheck until the debt is settled.


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