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Tax Debt Lawyer vs. Accountants for Debt Elimination

May 24th

With taxpayers owing historic levels of IRS debt, the search for solutions is more frantic than ever. There are almost as many qualified professionals that work with IRS debt as there are solutions to conquer it. Aside from IRS debt elimination programs, taxpayers can choose from Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and Tax Attorneys to settle their situation.

Why Tax Debt Lawyers are the Best Solution

On the onset, it might seem as though these professionals are very similar. After all, knowledgeable accountants will be able to provide tax advice and strategies for both individuals and businesses just like a tax debt lawyer. Furthermore, qualified accountants are even allowed to represent clients in cases with the United States Tax Court. However, this is where the similarities end, as a tax debt lawyer emphasized the studying of case law, legal nuances, and specialized in tax litigation and other liability issues. While both a tax debt lawyer and accountant can help taxpayers determine a strategy to handle IRS debt, the attorney is far more qualified to handle cases in court and deal directly with the IRS.

Most people filing income taxes go straight to their accountant to save time and money. This is a perfect option for people who want to take preventative measures to avoid any IRS debt and stay financially healthy. However, for those who have more complex situations and are reacting to litigation or liability issues with IRS debt, consulting with a tax debt lawyer would be the wiser decision.

Other benefits of working with a tax debt lawyer include:

Less stress. Going head-to-head with the IRS over tax debt can be stressful, but having a tax debt lawyer to prepare the paperwork, documentation, and other figures needed makes the situation less difficult for you.
Experience. Unlike accountants, a tax debt lawyer is experienced in a court of law defending clients and is more likely to be able to successfully make your case concerning IRS debt.
Knowledge. With a tax debt lawyer, you get the financial wisdom of an accountant coupled with the legal prowess of an attorney.


How to Avoid IRS Debt Relief Scams

May 10th

How would you like to be able to lower or eliminate your tax debt payments – guaranteed? For those Americans struggling to pay back IRS debt, this offer is mighty appealing. As the IRS continues increasing enforcement, more and more companies across the country are claiming they can help you reach a tax resolution. But beware! Con artists who only want to steal your money and your personal information run many of these companies offering tax debt relief solutions! To avoid losing hard earned money and compromising identity, taxpayers must be careful when selecting IRS debt relief programs.

How to Find Legitimate Tax Debt Solutions

Whether you decide to trust a tax debt lawyer or work with an IRS debt relief program, keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you’re working with a legitimate organization. By proactively protecting yourself, you’re more likely to avoid tax debt scams and pay back what you owe without further headache. To avoid IRS debt relief scams:

Be cautious of tax firms that exaggerate their success rate. With the internet, it’s easier than ever for tax firms to overstate their qualifications or even the success rate that they’ve had with previous clients. How can you tell if a tax firm isn’t telling the truth about their qualifications? Simple: be sure to always seek help from a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist firm. These agencies put prospective clients through a series of tests to determine whether they even qualify for an IRS tax settlement. Many scams will accept all clients even if they don’t qualify.
Know what questions to ask. Ask how long the firm and tax attorney have been in practice and working to resolve IRS debt. Feel free to ask how many attorneys are on staff as well as the firm’s success rate with their IRS debt cases. One of the key questions is asking whether or not they have a guarantee. Since tax debt deals with a 3rd party – the IRS – results can never be guaranteed, so run away as quickly as you can from a source that guarantees IRS debt solutions.
Hire a firm that works for you. Certified Tax Resolution Specialists should work on a plan that fits your tax debt case, not try to make you go a certain route. Furthermore, ensure they’re responsive to your communication.


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