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Payroll Taxes
We Solve IRS Tax Problems

One major source of IRS problems is the result of unpaid payroll taxes. The IRS can be very aggressive when it comes to collecting on unpaid payroll taxes. If you have unpaid payroll taxes you may be hit with large penalties and could even face legal action.

Payroll Taxes

As a business owner, you are responsible for withholding a portion of your employees paycheck in order to pay certain taxes. The portion of employee wages that is withheld goes towards Federal Income Tax, Social Security and Medicare taxes. Each employee will require different amounts to be withheld, depending on the information listed on their W-2 form.

Even the most successful business is not immune to mistakenly, or purposely, failing to pay their payroll taxes. Besides being charged with large penalties, or facing legal action, you may also lose the business.  As the business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure these payments are being made and are current.

No Time To Waste

Don’t wait for an IRS tax audit before you take action!  There is a solution that is available to you as soon as you determine you have unpaid payroll taxes. Time is crucial when dealing with the IRS!

The Lee Law Firm knows that owning and operating a business can be very challenging.  That is why we provide services to help businesses of all sizes get the help they need to resolve their payroll tax problems. We want to help you protect your company and get back on the path to success!