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Penalty Abatement
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Are you facing IRS penalties for unpaid taxes?

The IRS penalties can significantly impact your life and finances.  But not everyone is at risk of such harsh penalties.

Penalty Abatement

Fortunately, the IRS does offer some relief from tax penalties for certain situations. The IRS knows that unforeseen events can affect a person’s ability to pay their taxes.  In some situations, the IRS may waive these penalties for a specified time period or refund some of the fees.

There are several reasons that you may be able to apply for penalty abatement such as:

  • Death or serious illness of taxpayer
  • Unavoidable absence of the taxpayer or taxpaying authority of a corporation (such as incarceration)
  • Destruction of business tax records by unforeseen casualty (such as fire or theft)
  • Tax liability cannot be determined for uncontrollable reasons (such as bad advice from tax expert)
  • Taxpayer is unable to make payments due to impairment by civil disturbances (such as war or natural disaster)
  • Taxpayer lacks the funds to make the payments (such as unemployment or other financial hardship)

If you feel you may qualify for a penalty abatement, contact us right away! We can evaluate your case and help you get the fair treatment you deserve. Our attorneys can get you relief from your tax debt and back on track! Before suffering anymore harassment or stress over your tax debts, let us fight for you!