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Do you owe the IRS money? Are you worried about not be able to pay your tax debts? Can you even afford to pay your tax debts?

These are questions we hear every day in our office. We hear honest, hardworking people express their fear over the fact they owe the IRS money. They worry about how they will get the money to pay their tax debt and whether they will face criminal charges.

It is important to know, you are not alone! Even better, you do have help on your side!

Back Taxes

Many people can fall behind in paying their taxes. There are plenty of reasons why you might end up owing the IRS money. Unexpected medical issues, divorce, loss of a spouse or job can affect your ability to pay your taxes. Even business owners can get behind in paying their payroll taxes and risk losing their business. Once you get behind, the added penalties just increase the already insurmountable debt you owe.

The IRS does not take unpaid taxes lightly and they rarely go unnoticed. The IRS can be aggressive in their pursuit of unpaid taxes, which can scare away nervous taxpayers. You should know that the biggest mistake you can make is not doing anything about your unpaid taxes.

Solutions Ahead

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, you might be surprised to know that the IRS does offer several ways in which you can get caught up on your delinquent tax payments.  The IRS will always try to collect on a debt in full; however, they do understand that not everyone can afford to pay their debt in full right away. The IRS offers installment plans to those that can afford to make payments on their debts over several monthly payments. For those that are experiencing more severe financial trouble, the IRS may allow you to pay a reduced portion of your actual owed debt, called an offer in compromise.

If you have missed, or think you may miss paying your taxes, you should contact a tax lawyer right away. The Lee Law Firm can provide you with the legal representation you need to prevent wage garnishment and help you find the best tax repayment plan that suits your budget. Our attorneys have helped lots of people get out from under their tax debts and regain control over their finances.