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Should You Hire a CPA?

August 8th

When it comes to hiring a CPA, there are many factors that should be a part of your decision-making process.  Hiring a CPA will cost you some money, of course, but the benefits of having a tax professional on your side might be well worth the fees you will pay.

What You Should Consider

A CPA can help you avoid getting into tax debt problems.  Hiring a CPA now may mean you don’t have to deal with tax debt negotiation later on down the road.  Think about these factors when considering if a CPA is right for you:

Are your taxes complicated?  Do you have multiple sources of income?  Do you have a lot of deductibles?  Maybe your marital status has changed during the tax year?  Sometimes you’ll find that there’s just one too many little hang-ups that make filing your taxes too difficult.  Hiring a CPA can ensure that you get the most out of filing your taxes.

Do you have a lot of assets?  If so, you want to protect your assets.  Filing improperly could leave you with some serious tax debt, and may even result in you losing some of your assets.  Avoid this with a CPA.

Have you had tax debt problems in the past?  If so, the IRS probably has a close watch on you.  Hiring a tax professional can ensure that this time everything goes smoothly.  Plus, it will help ensure that the IRS doesn’t catch you messing up twice!

While a CPA can help you handle your tax debt problems, remember that they may not always be the best person to handle your IRS issues. If the IRS has garnished your wages, placed a tax lien on your home or refuses to negotiate, a tax debt lawyer may be your best solution. They can help you resolve your debt problems while also fighting to have your consequences for non-payment reversed.



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