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What To Do When You Receive an IRS Notice?

September 7th

For most Americans, receiving notification from the IRS is a worst nightmare. It can certainly be a daunting situation, but this does not mean you need to worry. Each year the Internal Revenue Service mails out millions of notices and letters to taxpayers and, in most cases, it is a manageable situation. Here are a number of things you ought to remember if you receive an IRS letter in the mail:

1. Don’t Panic. Though the first instinct upon receiving a letter from the IRS is to panic, it is important to remain calm. Most of these situations can be resolved simply and painlessly.

2. Take note of the reason for the letter. There are many different reasons a taxpayer might receive a notice from the IRS. It could relate to unpaid taxes, request additional information, notice of an IRS audit or simply inform you of a change to your account.

3. Take note of instructions given in the letter. Each letter will give very specific instructions relating to the reason for the notification. Ensure that you review these instructions particularly carefully, in order to fulfil the requirements of the letter as quickly as possible.

4. Review correction notices carefully. Anyone who receives a correction notice from the IRS should first and foremost review the letter carefully and compare it to information on your tax returns. If you then disagree with corrections made by the IRS, it is important to respond as requested. This generally means writing to explain why you disagree, as well as including any documents and information necessary to support your position. Be certain to follow all instructions for response given on the notice, including the inclusion of the response slip and mailing materials to the proper address; adherence to these guidelines will improve the chances that your position will be heard.

5. Keep Copies. Perhaps most importantly, keep any and all copies of your correspondence with the IRS.



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