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August 29th

So far this year, we haven’t had many weather related disasters. However, as Hurricane Isaac makes landfall today, the IRS wants to remind taxpayers of ways they can safeguard their financial information from the consequences of major storms. Emergency Plan Even though it isn’t tax time yet, the IRS advocates that people keep track of […]

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Tax Help
August 22nd

TV and radio ads offering tax debt relief services are a dime a dozen, which means that their services are too. Dealing with back taxes can be stressful, and finding the right agency to help you resolve these issues can be tricky. Before allowing a tax debt relief company manage your IRS debts, be sure […]

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Tax Help
August 15th

We are already aware that lottery and casino winnings are subject to taxation at the end of the year, but what about winning an Olympic gold medal? Even though medals are not considered income, there are taxable items that come with winning. Winning A Tax Bill Olympic medalists are now returning home and will be […]

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Tax Help
August 8th

When it comes to hiring a CPA, there are many factors that should be a part of your decision-making process.  Hiring a CPA will cost you some money, of course, but the benefits of having a tax professional on your side might be well worth the fees you will pay. What You Should Consider A […]

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Tax Help
August 1st

Most of us are aware of the serious nature of paying taxes. While not everyone experiencing tax debt problems can help their situation, many people do avoid paying their taxes for various reasons. For those who think they can dodge the IRS or state taxes, they could face some serious consequences. Troublesome Future Unpaid taxes […]

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Tax Help
July 18th

Are you concerned that you may be facing tax audits soon?  Perhaps the IRS has already started auditing you?  If so, you need to hire a tax debt lawyer immediately.  Though it’s possible to go through tax audits without legal counsel, the risk of doing it alone is too great to chance it. Why Hire […]

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Tax Help
July 11th

If you’re trying to settle your back taxes, the IRS might sometimes feel like it’s launching a full-scale attack.  From collection attempts to tax liens, it can be hard to catch a break.  However, when you have information and resources backing you, it doesn’t have to be that way.  As part of our aim to […]

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Tax Help
July 4th

When dealing with the IRS and back taxes, things can get messy without the help of a professional.  While it may be possible to do it alone, handling a professional tax debt lawyer can streamline the experience, eliminate the hassle, and maximize the payment plan the IRS allows you on your back taxes! Back Taxes: […]

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Tax Help
June 27th

Owing back taxes to the IRS can be a financial drain and an added stress.  However, when you take advantage of the Offer-in-Compromise (OIC) program – one of several tax debt payment plans the IRS offers – you can move on past your tax debt sooner than you may have thought possible!  Let’s take a […]

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Tax Help
June 20th

Once you have found yourself in tax debt, you should begin looking for a way out.  We do not always have the ability to simply pay all of our debt upfront and in one installment. Though this is the preferred process by the IRS, it is not always the most rational choice.  Sometimes you just […]

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