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Surviving the Audit #2: Keep Informed

August 18th

When entering the IRS audit process, one of the key mistakes many taxpayers make is not doing sufficient research beforehand. Being well-informed can be instrumental in the successful completion of an audit, as well as the prevention of paying any unnecessary taxes.

Research the Legal Issues

If you are preparing for an audit, one of the first steps is to perform some research on the relevant tax legal issues. Use free Internal Revenue Service legal publications as well as any available commercial tax guides.

If, after looking into these sources, you still feel unclear, it is advisable to speak with a tax lawyer. They will be able to inform you of the legal issues surrounding the audit, as well as how to appropriately present your documents to the IRS agent.

Know Your Rights

It is highly important that before entering an IRS audit, a taxpayer must be well-informed of their legal rights. The best document to read on this topic is the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. If unclear, again, it is recommended that you consult a tax professional for more clarification.

During the audit, there are a few rights that are especially valuable. If the audit is not going well, as the taxpayer you may request a recess to consult with a tax professional. You may also speak with the IRS agent’s supervisor if you think you are receiving any kind of unfair treatment, or document the treatment for future reference. Most importantly, if the issue of tax fraud arises, never try to handle it yourself. The taxpayer is always entitled to consult with a professional in those instances.


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