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Stop Wage Garnishment with a Tax Debt Lawyer

August 21st

When you think of wage garnishment, chances are you imagine credit card debt and your lenders taking action to recuperate their money. But did you know that the IRS could employ that tactic as well? If you have IRS debt, wage garnishment can be one of the most difficult consequences. You’re already struggling between paychecks – now money is being involuntarily deducted to repay your IRS debt. So how can you stop wage garnishment? Fortunately, the IRS must follow wage garnishment guidelines, and a tax debt lawyer can help protect your rights.

How a Tax Debt Lawyer Protects You

To avoid the threat of wage garnishment from the IRS, it’s vital to remain proactive in handling your IRS debt. If you owe a significant amount of IRS debt but make an attempt to resolve the matter, chances are that the wage garnishment won’t be enforced – if you’ve made a good faith effort, the IRS will probably work with you. However, a lack of communication about your IRS debt could result in wage garnishment. Working with the IRS and making payments on your IRS debt are your best protectors.

If the IRS is already employing wage garnishment to deal with your IRS debt, working with a tax debt lawyer may be your only solution. To stop wage garnishment:

· Contact a tax debt lawyer. Consulting with a tax debt lawyer will help you deal with any complications surrounding your IRS debt. You’ll be surprised at all the options available, such as a lower settlement (or “offer in compromise”), an installment plan, or bankruptcy. While you might be focused on stopping wage garnishment, be sure to also use your tax debt lawyer to help you settle your IRS debt.

· Contact the IRS immediately. Creating an installment plan to repay your IRS debt is the quickest way that you can stop wage garnishment. However, you might not be able to make monthly payments on your IRS debt, which is why the IRS had to initiate wage garnishment in the first place. If this is the case, you’re in a financially precarious situation, and it’s vital to seek the counsel of a tax debt lawyer to protect your rights and settle your IRS debt.


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