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Is My Home At Risk From The IRS #1: Communication

November 2nd

Unpaid taxes are serious business and the IRS does not handle them lightly. Unlike other creditors, the IRS can have access to your assets without much of a court battle. The IRS maintains the right to garnish wages and place tax liens against your personal property much faster than other creditors. ThisĀ  means that, unfortunately, “Yes” your home could be at risk if you have significantly delinquent taxes. However, this does notĀ  mean that you should give up. There are a few ways to avoid having a tax lien placed on your home.

Communication Is Key

The worst thing to do when you owe the IRS money is to ignore their collection efforts. Although dealing with the IRS can be scary at times, they aren’t in the business to ruin your life. Owing the IRS money is more common than you think and they are willing to work with you to help get the tax debts paid. If you are having trouble meeting your tax debt payments, contact the IRS right away to explain your situation. In many cases, the IRS will allow you to negotiate a payment plan. You may be required to provide proof of your financial hardship and participate in a lengthy negotiation process. If the process becomes overwhelming, a qualified tax attorney can help you resolve your tax debts easily and affordably.


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