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Tax Deductions

tax deductionsYour taxable income is the amount of earnings that is eligible for taxation. Your tax liabilities will increase with an increase in taxable income. However, the IRS allows for certain deductions that can reduce your overall taxable income; lowering your tax liability. Everyone is allowed to claim a standard deduction, and itemized deductions are provided for those who have more than the amount allowed under the standard deduction.



Tax Planning

tax planningEveryone wants to get the most out of their taxes, owe less or get more back in the way of a refund. There are a few ways you can maximize your tax credits to keep your money in your pocket. Between deductions and tax credits, the IRS allows forĀ  many of your expenses to be used to reduce your taxable income, thus, saving you money.



Innocent Spouse

innocent spouseFiling taxes in marriage, or after a divorce, can complicate who is responsible for the taxes that are owed. If one spouse earned the majority of the income but is unable to pay their tax debts, the IRS may pursue collecting from the other spouse. If you feel you are not liable for a tax debt acquired during a previous marriage, you may be eligible to seek relief from these debts.



Unfiled Tax Returns

unfiled tax returnIf you haven’t filed your taxes, you may be putting yourself in a bad position. The IRS does not handled unpaid taxes lightly and you may face significant penalties. However, there are situations that may have prevented you from filing your taxes and we can tell you what steps you can take to get caught up on your filing your taxes.



State Tax Forms

tax formsEach state has different income, sales, property and education taxes. When filing your taxes you will be required to complete certain forms that are specific to your state. We have compiled a directory to link you directly to the tax forms provided by your state.




Tax FAQs

tax faqFiling taxes can be overwhelming and all the rules and calculations can be confusing. We have provided a short list of some of the most commonly asked questions taxes, tax debts, penalties and payment assistance.